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Welcome to Fluffy Butts,

An online platform filled with videos, photos, and captivating tales about fluffy pets worldwide.

I'm Travis Widrick, a photographer who adores discovering people's stories, especially those involving pets. While I currently don't have a dog, I have a special place in my heart for them, like my beloved Emma Bean, as seen in the photo.

Venturing out to meet new people and capture their fluffy companions' furry charm is my passion. It's my way of giving back to a world often focused on taking.

"Fluffy Butts, they are nice to touch!" Avital


Thank you to Diesel and all dogs and pets that teach us every day how to love better.

I mean look at those eyes.

Diesel is the best teacher, especially when it comes to love. You can show up out of the blue and every time he is happy, excited and with tail waggin and tongue dripping, prancing (in slow motion) toward you. He doesn't even have to know you. If you are there he cares and wants to meet you. What a lesson that is. Imagine a world we "love like Diesel" with everyone we meet and everyone you meet is Lovin Like Diesel?

Imagine a world that open and caring and curious and compassionate toward each other every single time, every single day. Diesel is always so happy to see you. He is genuinely and authentically happy to see you and greet you and give you 100% unconditional love and attention. The acceptance Diesel gives feels so good. The way I see the world today, we could use more of that kind of good.


If you ever visit Tug Hill you may meet Diesel and feel his love. He is a fluffly ball of cuddles and sweetness. He is HUGE! He may lean into you and you may fall. Be prepared. You may have to wait in line for cuddles though, because it's likely Avital will be cuddled up on the floor or couch with him. They are best buds.

Thank you to Diesel and all dogs and pets that teach us every day how to love better.

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